Virtue Spire IR Hopper - Blue/Black

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The Virtue Spire is the next generation in loader technology with a shot activated sensor, jam-proof feeding system and a tool-less design that can be taken apart and reassembled in seconds. Not only is the Spire an aggressive, lightweight, and compact design, but it also holds more paint than the leading competitors.

  • Intelligent Proactive Feeding: The Spire iR uses improved sensors that make paint feeding more intelligent and proactive. The loader ensures a constant stream of paint that never fails you on the field, rain or shine
  • Never Pulses, Never Jams: The drive system allows the Spire iR to feed faster and more consistently while still being able to feed the worst paintballs imaginable without jamming. Improved sensors remove the unnecessary pulsing and create a quieter, more efficient loader
  • Durable Nylon Back Shell: With durability in mind, the new back shell gives every player peace of mind when diving into their bunker or in the woods, the Spire iR is ready to take anything you throw at it
  • Softer On Paint: Designed to feed the most fragile paint on the market, the Spire iR gives you an edge in every single game. Newly redesigned flexible rubber fingers gently feed brittle paint with ease
  • Optional Quick Change Speedfeed: The Spire iR’s brand new durable nylon back shell can be fitted with the updated Spire CrownSF II in paintball in seconds

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