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Lubrication is vital to the operation of any paintball marker. Most problems within paintball markers can be solved simply by lubricating the internals. Gun Sav is the most high performance, broad spectrum paintball greases on the market. If your paintball marker has FSDO (first shot drop off) TechT Gun Sav Grease can help you tremendously.

At TechT, we noticed that all the greases we were using on our markers was very thick. So thick in fact, that it slowed the movement of our internals and would cause first shot drop off. Others got thick in cold weather, gummy in hot weather, and pasty in dry conditions. All of which rob you of accuracy and air efficiency. TechT Gun Sav was designed to stand up to every playing condition. It will not thicken, gum, paste, or thin.

Our goal was not only to produce the most stable grease in the world, but to also be THE SLICKEST GREASE IN THE WORLD.

Gun Sav can be used in all applications that call for grease. All "spool valve" type markers (Matrixes, Shockers, Ions, Geos, etc.) require such grease. Other paintball markers like Tippmanns, and Spyders and Egos that require oil can be switched over to TechT Gun Sav. Making the switch will mean that your marker is more accurate, and require to be "lubed" less often.

Many paintball markers call for DOW33, DOW55, Silicon or other type greases. TechT Gun Sav can safely replace the grease for any of those products. In most cases your marker will perform noticeably better when using Gun Sav. Gun Sav will not swell or break-down any type o-rings.

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