PepperBall Lifelite Launcher Starter Kit

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Times are uncertain and the news has nothing good to say. Protect yourself, your home and your family without the cost or consequences of a firearm with a Pepperball LifeLite Launcher. A rugged and hefty device that handles like a flashlight, the PepperBall LifeLite Launcher couples a bright LED flashlight with a CO2-powered launcher that fires PepperBall projectiles as far as 60 feet at the push of a button. An integrated laser assists in aiming and accuracy, and replacing batteries to power the flashlight and CO2 cartridges that propel the Pepperballs is simple. Ideal for the home, a car, truck or RV or anywhere a little extra security and peace of mind is desired, the PepperBall LifeLite Launcher offers less than lethal self-defense and home protection in a reliable, simple and subtle package.

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