Milsig NANO Barrel

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Product Description

The Marksman Hybrid line of barrels uses a precision rifled bore measuring .688 caliber. Through rigorous testing, our development team has determined this to be the ideal bore to achieve a fantastic result with both FirstStrike, as well as .68 caliber paintballs. With the rising deviation in projectile size and shape, this bore gives tolerance to oversized rounds, reducing or eliminating chopping within the barrel. Our bore control kits can help tighten up grouping and efficiency on smaller projectiles when needed as well. At 7/8” Diameter, the Marksman Hybrid barrel will fit in any A5 threaded marker. All of these features combined create one of the most versatile barrels available.

  • A5 threaded
  • 120 MM or 4.72 IN
  • 7/8? Outer Diameter
  • .686 bore
  • Double length metric tip threading
  • Marksman Hybrid rifling
  • Threaded Jam collar included

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