Dye Assault Matrix DAM DyeCam

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Dye Assault Matrix DAM Marker features: 

- First Strike Ready Mag Fed
The DAM comes magazine feed ready and accepts First Strikes or regular paintballs without modification or adapters. An ambidextrous magazine release makes it ergonomic for right and left handed users. DAM magazines feature a sliding cover over the feed opening to keep dirt and debris out of your mags that are automatically opened when loaded into the mag well.

- On The Fly System
The OTF System allows the operator of the DAM unprecedented switching from magazine feed to hopper feed and back. A simple slide switch rotates the Eye Pipe antichop eye cover/ detent system to accept the new breech direction. Use your First Strike rounds when you need surgically precise shots and revert to traditional paintballs for cover fire.

- Quick Release Bolt
The Quick Release Bolt system of the DAM utilizes magnets within the knurled back cap. These magnets allow for the back cap to extend and give you enough surface area to grip the bolt and unscrew it by hand rather than hunting for that Allen key.

- Inline Hyper Regulator
The DAM regulator uses the proven Hyper reg, reengineered for the easiest access and simplest break down of any gun Dye has made. The user can remove their bolt and regulator in one assembly without tools. All parts that require standard maintenance are now accessed with 2 turns. Velocity adjustment us through the easily accessed back cap.

- Rotating Eyepipe
The Eye Pipe, patent pending, internal design houses multiple critical systems that ensure worry free performance. The polycarbonate pipe shields the self-cleaning anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint, ensuring the eyes are always monitoring the breech and ball drop. The seamless pipe is wiped clean by the bolt tip o-ring on every cycle. The Eye Pipe system also eliminates miss feeds and double feeding. In addition it eliminates external eye plates and the potential of stripped or corroded eye plate mounting screws.

- Fire Selector
The DAM transitions from Semi Auto to Three Round Burst to Fully Automatic with the push of a button. Of course, if you want to custom program some crazy fire mode options you can do that, too. All changes can be done with your gun fully assembled, even mid-game. A board lockout can be implemented to get you on the tournament field or any firing mode-restricted areas. 

- Removable Lockdown Clamping Feedneck
The DAM comes standard with a special purpose Dye Lockdown cam lock feedneck to make installing your loader effortless. If you just want to run your Dye Assault Matrix without a hopper then simply install the included Feedneck Cover Plate. Now you can perform your mission in true milsim look and style, unhindered by the loader.

- Competition Grade Trigger
The DAM’s trigger incorporates vertical ridges and an extra wide face like those used by competition shooters worldwide. This design ensures steady trigger feel even in the most adverse conditions with or without gloves. Customizable forward and backward travel with spring tension adjustment create the perfect pull.

- Aluminum Body With Modular Rail Shroud
The DAM utilizes Dye's legendary fit and finish for a stunning milsim aluminum body. Two interchangeable shroud sections and front cap allow the player to reconfigure the DAM for any style of play. With all shroud sections installed, the DAM has over 2 Feet of standard 7/8" tactical rails. All side and bottom rails are removable and interchangeable. Picatinny (7/8") rails are standard for firearms and will allow attachment of nearly all standard optics, foregrips, bipods, etc.

- Tactical Sticky Grips
Dye modified the shape of their groundbreaking UL grip design for a comfortable ergonomic fit on the DAM. You will have a sure grip on the marker, even with paint-slick gloves. On top of that, the player can access the battery without tools.

Dye Assault Matrix DAM Marker Specs: 

- Weight: 5.15 lbs with magazine and feedneck 
- Length: 36 inches with stock extended 
- Caliber: .68Cal / Shaped projectile ready (First Strike) 
- Barrel: 14 inch 2 Piece Dye Ultralite 
- Barrel Thread: Autococker 
- Operating Pressure: 150 psi 
- Max Rate of Fire: 25+ Balls per second 
- Mode of Fire: Semi-Auto, 3 Shot Burst, Full Auto, Custom Programmable 
- Bolt Type: Spool Valve with Internal Regulator 
- Loading System: Hopper and Magazine with On the Fly System 
- Magazine: 10 round (20 round sold seperately) 
- Feedneck: Removable right hand feed with cover plate 
- ASA: Dye Airport with on/off 
- Body: High Grade precision machined aluminum 
- Eye System: Breakbeam Rotating Eyepipe™ 
- Stock: Collapsing (Standard AR15 buffer tube) 
- Mounting System: 1913 Picatinny Rail (7/8")

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